Careers in Geological Engineering

The versatility of a Geological Engineering degree means that our graduates are in high demand and have a wide selection of career opportunities to choose from, as well as possibilities for further post-graduate studies. Senior Geological Engineers become international experts, with many serving as CEO's or owning consulting companies


Natural Resources   Mining is one of Canada's largest industries, with Vancouver serving as a key centre for mineral exploration, mining geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering expertise. Geological Engineers are integrally involved in the search for new mineral deposits, as well as their extraction. Environmental issues connected with mining are also being addressed by Geological Engineers.
Environmental Protection   Protection of the environment is one of the greatest challenges facing today's society. As new types of contaminants are produced, Geological Engineers are needed to develop new solutions to protect our clean water resources and safely treat toxic chemicals. Our graduates are increasingly sought after in our greening world.
Civil Infrastructure   Geological Engineering services are in great demand by Canada's construction industry. Geological Engineers make sure that the rock and soil foundations for our dams, high rises, bridges and tunnels are secure and stable. Often they interact with Civil Engineers in solving these geotechnical problems.
Natural Hazards    Accelerated economic development in response to general population growth, has led to the increased vulnerability of our communities and infrastructure to natural hazards. Difficult decisions need to be made regarding the risks of natural hazards like earthquakes, landslides and floods. Geological Engineers play a key role in quantifying such risks and devising suitable remedial strategies.
Life Lines   Building and maintenance of roads, railways, airports, transmission lines and pipelines in the challenging terrains of Canada require an enormous amount of expert input from Geological Engineers. These needs are ever-increasing as our communities expand and standards for safety, reliability and capacity increase.
Water Quality   Clean, safe drinking water is an essential human right. Geological Engineers help evaluate, regulate and protect the quality and quantity of surface and groundwater, ensuring the reliability and sustainability of water resources. Geological Engineers are active in the design of hydroelectric and water supply dams, dikes to protect against flooding, and protective structures to prevent erosion along our shorelines.
Energy   Canada continues to strive to meet its energy needs. Energy is essential for heating, transportation, manufacturing, and most other aspects of our life. Geological Engineers are extensively involved in multibillion dollar exploration and extraction programmes to find and develop more resources. These include oil and gas, uranium, coal and geothermal energy.